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Four of the color with easy eyeliner is recommended

Introduction: to let an eye look big and have a mind, look line can be said to be whole makeup look most important of a pen, but many of the look line products may let many girls are difficult to choice. Recommend to use the color of the easy eyeliner, believe that whether there will be new or: let you move of one!

Benefit bad girl waterproof eyeliner
Slim written very convenient to daub, colour is black fragrant, end with the sponge head can easily look line dizzy catch, creating deep sootiness makeup effect. The lasting effect also is dizzy catch a great job.

M.A.C lasting waterproof eyeliner
This type of eyeliner features a cottonseed oil cream formula, it is relatively soft. Easy to draw look line can be smooth, also can create soft sootiness effect. Contain vitamin E can resist oxidation, prevent fine lines around generation. Just written a crude into half round, more difficult to paint the eyelash root, more suitable for folds MM a draw look line stout.

ANNA SUI magic dazzle colour waterproof eyeliner
ANNA SUI this series eyeliner with a purple and gold red most famous, more 10 of fresh obvious for you choose color. Quality of a material is very soft easy colored, but also caused the problem easily dizzy makeup. So proposal in the painted black look line in after another layer of ANNA SUI dazzle colour look line, cotton dizzy after great gently, can make administrative levels feels extremely strong color eye makeup.

ZhiCunXiu hand-painted eyeliner
This type of eyeliner is ZhiCunXiu ace products, the launch of new golden broke the brunet attune is depressing. The most commonly used black money, not as another eyeliner that blackest abrupt, but with some bright gray metal gloss and color very full. The quality of a material soft color easy, even invisible wood are very soft, won't hurt the fragile eye area. Has the very good waterproof properties, just when discharge makeup is not very easy, need to cotton club is touched take discharge makeup fluid fine fine clean a few times.

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