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Light infused nude beige palette

face fabric. The new nude by Giorgio Armani.
Giorgio Armani, premieres an unprecedented cosmetics textile, an invisible makeup which transforms the complexion. Like a translucent second skin, face fabric dresses the face with a light veil of color. More beautiful than natural.

Nude reinvented: makeup for a no-makeup look.
Face fabric is an invisible makeup with a 3D Micro-fil
technology. Unlike traditional foundations, a transluscent base with a complexion smoothing 3D texturizer creates a sheer fabric-like touch organic colorants finely tuned with pigments create a range of beige subtle colors for a natural complexion. Natural beauty magnified, perfected and redefined.

Skin-like fabric.
Sheer fabric-like texture magically slips over skin with a touch extraordinarily soft and smooth. A cushion of light color leaves skin supremely supple, with a gentle velvet touch.

More beautiful than natural.
An invisible makeup that is nearly weightless. A transparent wash of color fits with skin perfectly, creating a magnificently semi mat finish unified complexion. Your natural skin perfected and magnified.

Light infused nude beige palette.
Giorgio Armani beige nude hues redefined in soft delicate colors to enhance natural glow. A subtle, neutral palette is accented with three signature professional shades
porcelain, apricot, soft rose
to be used alone to create a healthy-looking glow, combined with any of the seven Armani beige shades to boost the color, or alone to sculpt or highlight the complexion.

The new Giorgio Armani wardrobe for face
Face fabric (nude makeup, less coverage, semi mat finish) Luminous silk foundation (long lasting, radiance, medium to full coverage) + blender brush Fluid sheer (all-over illuminating face color) Designer shaping cream foundation (smoothing and modeling, buildable coverage, radiant finish) + designer brush Designer modeling compact foundation (long lasting, radiance, medium to full coverage, velvety finish)

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