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Attractive Dark Eye Makeup Tips

Creating a dark eye makeup is quite easy, not much efforts are required for this. Start by choosing the right shade of mascara and eyeliner for your eye color. If you have brown eyes, you can blindly go for black eyeliner, as black eyeliner will accentuate the brown color of your eyes. But if you have blue or green eyes, go for a lighter shade. Even if you wan a dark look, you shouldn’t go for colors like black, as it will cause a contrast effect, which won’t be very attractive! Let us see how to apply eye makeup step by step for a dark effect.

Start with the eyeshadow. One should always apply eyeshadow before mascara, as mascara is meant only to create an outline for the eyes. Choose a dark eye shadow like black, purple, silver etc. Apply it evenly. For a smokey eye makeup, you will need to blend three different eyeshadow shades. Choose colors which are light, darker and a very dark shade. Start applying a lighter shade just above the eyelashes, apply the darker shade next and at last the darkest shade. The final effect should be like, the eyeshadow fades at the top of the eye, from light to dark. Next choose the eyeliner, again in accordance to your eye color. Black and brown are the two common colors used for dramatic eye makeup. Apply the eyeliner to the upper as well as lower lid. On the lower lid, draw a thick line. Do not a apply a thick layer to the upper lash. Most importantly, do not apply eye liner to the inner corners of the eyes. In the end, apply two coats of mascara to the top and bottom lash. Dark blue, black and purple are some of the colors that can be used for a total dark effect.

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