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How to Deal With Whelk

When a person grows to a certain age, whelk may appears on the face which seriously affects the whole looking. There are a large number of people worrying about the whelk on their faces. It is a serious problem. Many of the people tend to buy products that can cure the whelk. Few people would like to use some natural methods to deal with the whelk because they believe that they can get rid of the whelk quickly by using other products. However, that is wrong. Many products for curing the whelk contain a lot of chemical substances which will damage the face skin instead of treating it. But the natural methods will not damage the skin, they will do good to it.

Here is a natural method which can help to cure the whelk.

Materials needed: cucumber, pearl powder, milk. These materials are all natural materials, they contain no hazadous substances.

How to do: mix the pearl powder and the milk into a bowl, stir them for one minutes. Then cut the cucumber into small pieces. And then soak the small pieces into the bowl, the small pieces of cucumber will take in the milk and pearl powder together. At last, apply the small pieces of cucumber that is full of milk and pearl powder to the face where there is whelk. This method is very simple as well as useful.Keep on doing it every day. Some time later you will find that the whelk are missing, and your face skin become better than before.




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