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Tie Up the Hair

Long hair seems very beautiful, and it makes women look more charming. But it can be a burden in the hot summer days. Many women find it very unconvenient to wear long hair in the hot summer days, but they don't want to cut the hair into short. Is there any method to help them solve this problem? Yes, there is. Women can wear long hair and feel cool by tying up their hair. Here are some suggestions.

   Divide the hair into two parts, and then spinning one part into a circle, use some hairpins to fasten the two parts of the hair. This hairstyle is very suitable for women to go swimming or go to the beach.

   Tie up the hair with a hair band into a type of ponytail. Hold the hair part and spin it into a type of hemp flowers, use a hair band to fasten it too. You can feel cool by tying the hair up like this even in the hot summer days.

   This hair style is very easy to make. Use a hair band to tie up the hair and then use a headband to cover the hair. You can use different headband according to the clothes you wear.

  Tie up the hair with a hairband and then use a nice headband to cover the low part of the hair. Fasten the headband and hair well in case they should loose.

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