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Several days ago I bought some cosmetics on a website that my friend recommended to me. I received the cosmetics. I want to say that the delivery is really fast. And the cosmetics are just arrived in time. I have a few days' holiday, I have got a plan to take part in one of my friend's birthday party. She invited me weeks ago. This birthday party is the so called special occasion, I can wear light makeup to join it. The cosmetics are just what I need at the right moment.

I bought some eye shadows, some foundations, facecakes, eye liners and some lipsticks. I checked them as soon as I received them. My friend is right, this cosmetics are not only in reasonable price but also in good quality. I like the lipsticks very much, especially the pink color one.

I began to do light makeup by myself 2 hours earlier before going to my friend's birthday party. I used the facecake to make up my face, the pink color lipstick to make up my lip. I didn't use the others. I am still new in doing makeup. So I didn't want to mess it up, I didn't want to wear strang makeup to participate my friend's birthday party.

Two hours later, I finished the makeup. I brought the cosmetics that I bought with me. When I reached my friend's house, I ask them for advice about my makeup. They gave me some sincere suggestion about how to do makeup well. I wrote down their advice as tips to improve my skill in doing makeup.

I showed them the cosmetics, they all said the cosmetics were good, they said they would go to buy some too. The topics at the party were almost related to cosmetics and makeup. But it was a happy birthday party.

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