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Protecet the Skin From the Computer Radiation

Computer becomes a very important part of people's daily life. People use computer to work, to study, and to do business. Without computer a lot of  work can not be done. Computer is essential, it brings countless benefits for the modern human beings. But in the same time, computer also does harm to people's health and causes many skin problems. Computer radiation is the real reason that causes the unhealthy problems and skin problems. So it is necessary for us to take some measures to protect our skin from the computer radiation. How to do that?

Firstly, buy a cactus and put it beside the computer screen. Cactus can take in parts of radiations which is from the computer. 

Secondly, drink green tea every day. The proVitamin A contained in green tea can be transformed into vitamin A inside the human body. Vitamin A can improve the eyesight and the skin and remove the hurt caused by the computer radiation.    

Thirdly, wash the face every time after using the computer. It is said that after using the computer and promptly wash the face with cold water, the radiation will be reduced by more than 70%.    

Lastly, apply facial mask once or twice a week. The static electricity caused by the computer radiation can absorb the dust in the air. As people always use the computer, the dust can enter the human pores. It is difficult for people to eliminate the dust from the pores. In order to remove the dust as far as possible, people can apply the facial mask to the face to clean the skin.    

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