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Nail Polish

Nail polish (or nail varnish) is a lacquer applied to toenails and or fingernails for appearance, but also as nail protection. Wipe the nail polish nails look very beautiful. Nail polish has been traditionally worn by women. Some types of nail polish are advertised to cause nail growth, make nails stronger, prevent nails from breaking, cracking and splitting.  Various combinations of ingredients and mixtures were prepared during the nail varnish manufacturing process.  A popular type of nail polish is clear. It is a transparent and glossy layer which makes the nail look clean and shiny. This type of nail polish can be used over other varnish for gloss or by itself, similarly with glitter nail polish. Traditional colors for nail polish were red, pink and brown, but it can now be found in any color. Nail polish now has become a factor of fashion.  These days one can find a wide variety of nail varnishes as far as feel, colors and brands are concerned. Different kinds and different colors of nail polish have been designed more and more charming, which attract many women to buy nail polish crazily. Some of the brands offering nail varnishes include Jessica, Maybe line, OPI, N07, and many others.

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