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Buying MY Cosmetics

Several days ago a friend of mine told me that she found a nice website where she could buy good and cheap cosmetics. She sincerely recommended the website to me at that time, and I also promised her I would  go to have a look later. Today I suddenly remember it. I always have been thinking about buying some cosmetic products, because I want to learn makeup by myself. I want to do some light makeup so that I can participate some special occasions, like friends' birthday party or something like that. Many of my friends can do makeup all by themselves, but I still can't. I should buy some cosmetics to have a try. I remember that website, it is http://www.macwholesaleshop.com

That's right, I can get through it. There is really many cosmetics in it, I am so happy. There are variety of eye shadows, eyeliners, foundations, lip sticks and so on. All I want can is almost here. And indeed the prices of these cosmetics are quite reasonable. That's very good. Then I begin to search my cosmetics. One hour later, I have done my job. I bought all the cosmetics that I need. Now I will show you what I have bought.

These cosmetics are all I searched in that website. I think these cosmetic products are enough for me. I can use them for quite a long time. I specially like the lip sticks very much, I like the color of them. My friend is right, she said the prices of the products are very reasonable. These cosmetics don't cost me too much. I really like them.

Now I am looking forward to receiving them soon. It will be delivered a few days. I can't wait to using them. I hope I can master how to do light makeup soon.

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